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Erosion Control Blankets. There are certain states across America where the use of an erosion control blanket is a no-brainer. Mountainous regions in the state of Colorado, for example, are prone to sudden and heavy rainstorms. Excellent erosion control fabric for use on slopes up to 3:1 and low flow channels. At 8 ft. x 112.5 ft. each blanket provides 100 sq. yd of protection. Blanket lifetime is approximately 12-months. 100% weed free agricultural straw; A favorite for short-term erosion control application; Perfect for hillside erosion control

it is nonwoven geotextile Fabric

The Staple Wasp Staple Gun was designed to provide a light weight and dependable solution to erosion control blanket installation and sod laying in sloped areas. The Staple Wasp is constructed of lightweight and durable material, the machined aluminum and hardened steel is designed with the kind of demands required of equipment used daily in.

Erosion control blanket staples. Hand-held tool pushes staples all the way into the ground. Use this tool with Landscape Fabric, Erosion Control Blanket, Geotextile Fabric. For use with 11 Gauge Staples. For use with 1” steel staples of any length . Landscaping Staples. These landscape staples are used for a wide variety of projects. Factor T Staples Cartridge (Box of 1000) Cartridge staples for the M100 Rifle Gun. Double wire welded so cartridges do not fall apart in the field. Shipped in Boxes of 1000 staples. Actual product may not be exactly as shown Most erosion control blankets come packaged with their own specially-designed pins or staples for ease-of-installation. Space the fasteners out along the blanket as directed, then sink them deep into the soil at the center of the trench using a hammer or rubber mallet.

Makes setting staples easier! No moving parts. Hand-held tool pushes staples all the way into the ground. Use this tool with: Landscape Fabric, Erosion Control Blanket, Geotextile Fabric. For use with 11 Gauge Staples. For use with 1” steel staples of any length Erosion control blankets. BonTerra erosion control blanket made from coconut, straw fibres or blends of these natural fibres. Both upper and lower side of BonTerra coir blankets are sewn by 100% organic mesh (Jute Net and Cotton thread). Alternatively, the blankets can be stitched thread and polypropylene mesh. Mutual 17681 Single Net Straw Blanket, 112-1/2' Length X 8' Width 4.0 out of 5 stars 67 EZ-Straw Grass Seed Germination and Erosion Control Blanket – 4ft. x 50ft.

A. This specification specifies a mechanically applied erosion control anchoring device for erosion control blankets (ECB), turf reinforcement mats (TRM) and geotextiles The mechanical device drives and guides the staple into the ground preventing the staple from bending out of shape. Once installed the staple holds the blanket in place and. Springs work is right in front of us. The erosion control and landscaping market runs into similar challenges every year:-short on labor, especially when it is time to pin blanket-stomping and pounding staples in the ground leaves behind a lot of bent and poorly grounded staples, and flopping blanket 6. Secure the blanket to the trench by driving staples or stakes through the erosion-control mat and into the bottom of the trench. Use stakes that are 6 inches long in typical soil, 8 inches long.

2 1.75 staples/yd 2:1 SLOPES 2 3.5 staples/yd MED. to HIGH FLOW CHANNEL 2 3.8 staples/yd HIGH FLOW CHANNEL 2 STEP 5: If more than one blanket is being used, edges of the blanket should overlap approximately 6”. Over lapped edges should be anchored every 12”. STEP 6: For high flow channels, staple check slots should be done periodically. Blanket Staples. Size: 6" x 1" x 6" staples – 1,000 per Box (Metal) Size: 4" x 1" x 4" staples – 1,000 per Box (Metal). Curlex NetFree is the first erosion control blanket that does not use any netting material. The manufacturing of Curlex NetFree begins with the finest Great Lakes aspen. After the material is methodically shaved, the. Erosion control blankets are ideal for sites or applications that strive for Low Impact Development (LID). LID is a system of land development that focuses on protecting and preserving water quality and existing habitats. LID erosion control uses strategies to manage rainfall and minimize potentially harmful effects on the surrounding environment.

Securing Erosion Control Blankets. Regardless of which blanket you choose, pegs, staples, and stakes are required to secure the matting to the slope or hill. Available models include accessories made from wood or metal, as well as Biodegradable Landscape Stakes made from environmentally safe particles. Either can help keep your blankets. The Staple Wasp Staple Wasp has engineered a better way to install erosion blanket, weed fabric, all forms of road fabric, and drip line hose. We did so with the goal of making the installation process faster, using less labor, improving installation quality, and saving the backs and knees of the installation team along the way. Temporary erosion control products stop soil erosion and promote seed germination. Temporary products are typically. At the top edge of the side slope, fasten the blanket in a 6” x 6” trench with staples placed at 12” intervals. Install an ad ditional row of staples 1’-0’ down slope of the trench along the width of

Using the tool for erosion control blanket installation also ensures that the stakes or staples insert correctly, instead of being knocked out of place by a wayward hammer. With the staple driver available in cases of 6, large agricultural or environmental conservation companies can stock up for their coconut matting erosion control needs. Dewitt AEC-SEGRN4 Curlex Single Layer Erosion Control Blanket,4×112.5 ,Green 3.8 out of 5 stars 56. 17 offers from $59.99. Ecoduty 100 ct. Contractor Grade 4 Inch Biodegradable Stakes, Sod staples For Securing Weed Fabric, Landscape Fabric, Netting, and Blanket erosion under the blanket. Any areas where water seeped under the blanket, more staples may be needed per given area or more frequent anchoring trenches installed with better compaction. If significant erosion has occurred under the blanket then grading and reseeding may also be necessary. Any Erosion Control Blankets that have been

TEMPORARY EROSION CONTROL BLANKETS (ECBs) STOP SOIL EROSION AND PROMOTE SEED GERMINATION There is the potential for soil erosion on virtually every development project. While there are many. At the top edge of the side slope, fasten the blanket in a 6” x 6” trench with staples placed at 12” intervals. Curlex is the original erosion control blanket. It is engineered specifically with Great Lakes Aspen curled wood fibers which promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed, while also protecting the topsoil from erosion. The multi-directional Curlex fiber matrix is bound by photo-degradable, biodegradable, or permanent netting. Secure the blanket at the bottom of the trench with staples placed 12″ apart. Backfill and compact the trench. Apply seed, and fold the blanket over soil, secure with a row of staples placed 12″ apart across the width of the blanket (Diagram A). Roll the blanket vertically down the slope.

Erosion Control. Erosion Control Products. S1000 Series – Single Net Straw Blanket (S1000), 90 Day (S1000D) or Biodegradable (S1000BD). P5000 Series – TRM Double Net Poly Blanket (P5000) Ecoduty Bio Staples 4" (1,000/box) & 6" (500/box) biodegradable staples.

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